"You learn something new everyday!"

I say these words all the time. It doesn't matter how old you are, you do keep learning all the time. I have only just started my journey into photography, although, my interest in photography started at a young age and has always been there, in the background until about 5 years ago when I took the plunge and bought my first camera, a Canon 600D. My interest has turned into a passion. To be able to capture a split second in time with an action shot or the serenity of a landscape, the emotion of a portrait. I wondered just where it would lead me. So far I have met some amazing people, beautiful animals and magical scenery. No, I have not won any awards, I don't have a list of accomplishments but I have a deep desire to keep improving and be able to capture some very special memories along the way.

Horses have been in my blood since I was very young, so equine photography is what I wish to specialise in, however, I am always pointing my camera at anything that catches my attention.

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy what you see.



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Mob: 0427 572 389